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The LEAD church is a new church plant in the heart of Oak Cliff located in the northwest area of Dallas. God has blessed us with a building and currently are in phase One of a three phase timeline.

Who We Are

Love God, Love Family, & Serve the World

Service Times

Sundays at 10am
602 S Hampton Rd. Dallas, Texas 75208

Why The LEAD Church?

60% of the growth coming to the US in the next 30 years will come from the Latino culture.

The Latino church is the fastest growing church in the US.

Our youth are disappearing from our churches.

The Latino culture leads the High School dropout rate.
The LEAD Church is a response to the need and in the process of being established first to serve the community of Oak Cliff, reach the lost and raise the level of lifestyle. We will be a church focused on establishing an environment for making disciples and providing education opportunities for all people. Secondly The LEAD Church will be a model church for other Latino churches due to its relevant and innovative structured proven model.


The following values describe the manner in which The LEAD Church seeks to accomplish its mission. These principles are highly valued by The LEAD Church and will not be compromised. They are how The LEAD Church chooses to be known by our staff, members, partners, and supporters.


We value integrity. We define integrity as commitment to God, honesty, and the placement of value on individuals as key to the effectiveness of our organization.


We value partnerships and alliances with organizations that share our vision. We partner with local churches, para-church organizations, mission organizations, and others who share a passion for reaching the lost.


We value relationships and are committed to lifelong relationships. We believe that positive relationships are the foundation and conduit by which credibility and trust is established, allowing principles to be internalized and transformation to occur.


We value relevancy. Through observation, continuous interaction, experience, and research.


We value transformed lives. Transformation is accomplished through the process of empowering families by providing them with quality training and relevant resources. We believe that as individuals are discipled, communities will be transformed.


We value individuals as people created in the image of God with diverse backgrounds, gifts, talents, cultures, denominational histories, and unique personal stories.

Guiding Principles of the Vision


Prayer reveals to us the heart and mind of God. It allows our spirits to be in alignment with His, and it removes our eyes of flesh and allows us to put on our spiritual eyes. Prayer equips us for spiritual battles and reveals to us God’s desires and direction.


The purpose of missions is raising up, training, sending, and supporting missionaries, as well as supporting missions work all over the world.

Family Worship Experience

The opportunity for your children to see the ongoing, positive spiritual example of their parents in real life. Seeing the family at its best, when we clearly live like a follower of Jesus in their presence.

The Big 5 - Children, Youth, Young Adult, Women, & Men

Family ministry connects families so that they can develop lasting relationships with Jesus, using the Bible to understand how families can support one another, navigate conflicts, and live their lives under a set of guiding, Christian principles.

Encounter Weekends

Three days designed to be confronted with our sins, wounds, traumas, fears, struggles, pride, complexes, and situations from the past that prevent God's purpose from being carried out in our lives.

Community Outreach

Help our community function better by working directly with individuals, assessing their needs guiding them to the appropriate resources and ultimately to the person of Jesus Christ.

Education Track

Higher education remains the foundation of economic mobility, providing access to employment and wealth building opportunities for Latinos. (ESL, GED, Bible School, Oral Roberts University Campus)

Small Groups

Foster close relationships and create a ready-made atmosphere for building friendships. The relationships formed within small groups form a strong fabric within a church. These small groups provide a way for Christians to live out their faith instead of merely hearing more preaching or teaching.

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Love God, Love Family, & Serve the World
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